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  1. wow, sounds amazing. just a real shame that the pangolin like so many other wonderful African creatures have been decimated due to man’s stupidity. What a treat to see the lions though, glad the cubs didn;t get killed….not sure about the black mamba thank you…. I remember some decades ago going on a walking wild-life safari in Natal….no big 5 except a rhino and her baby and some buck and giraffe and a few scorpions. But oh the joy of sitting out in the bush looking up at the stars with a raging fire in the pit listening to stories while the braai was spitting away …sheer magic. I shall have to do that again sometime. Although the night time trips to the open air loo wasn’t much fun. LOL

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  2. Congrats and thanks for following me at PhotoBlography and retiredanddownunda. The former is my current blog and the latter is my first attempt, listing our travel and hiking adventures, first in New Zealand and Australia and later back home in Canada. This blog is full (I am too cheap to pay for a blogspot—retired) and there will be no new posts. You are welcome to read the back posts if you want. Again, thanks for reading.

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